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Protecting Your Legacy With A Comprehensive Estate Plan

At DeAngelus Goralczyk, PLLC, we strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive estate plan that will

continue to work for them after they have passed. We consider this a delicate yet necessary concern,

and our New York probate attorneys remain committed to providing caring, holistic assistance.


When a person passes on, there is often much that must be done to settle their affairs and carry out

their final wishes. A will may need to be probated, assets transferred, bills paid and so much more. We

know that the time following a person’s death can be emotional for family members and friends. The

executor or trustee may be undertaking an unfamiliar duty. We also understand that, sometimes, issues

may arise. The experienced attorneys and support staff of our estate administration team are ready to


Guiding Clients Through Estate Administration

For generations, our attorneys have been fortunate to represent individuals and corporations as

executors, administrators and trustees and also beneficiaries. The estate and trust administration

department strives to bring the right balance of compassion, professionalism and skill to our work so

that each administration is handled as smoothly and expeditiously as possible.


Over many years of practice, we have developed a full-service approach to this area. We will guide the

fiduciary client and represent their interests at each stage of administration, from probate or

administration proceedings, to account proceedings and other interim proceedings. We guide the

fiduciary in the identification and successful transfer of assets to beneficiaries and in the proper

discharge of debts. We prepare the documents necessary to close the estate and discharge the fiduciary,

either informally through a written agreement with the beneficiaries or formally with the production

and judicial settlement of a final accounting.

Assisting Clients With Tax-Related Estate Matters

Unlike many law firms that offer estate and trust administration services, DeAngelus Goralczyk, PLLC, is

also fully capable of preparing the estate tax returns, fiduciary income tax returns and gift tax returns for

estates we work on. We believe that through our intimate understanding of the legal and tax aspects of

administration, we provide a unique and comprehensive service to the fiduciaries we represent.

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