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Protecting Your Personal And Professional Interests With A Succession Plan

If you have been running a family-held business or any other type of entrepreneurial endeavor, you may

not have had time to think of business succession planning. It is essential, however, that you have a plan

in place, not only for the time when you retire or move on, but also how operations should be handled

in the event of an emergency and you can no longer be in charge.

You may simply need an updated will, or your situation may warrant a complex layering of trusts and

entities to ensure the business’ success continues or there are provisions concerning how to wind things

down. At DeAngelus Goralczyk, PLLC, our attorneys have the sophistication to handle every situation,


  •  Executing a revocable trust for a smooth family business succession

  • Amending an existing shareholder or partnership agreement to include provisions about small-business succession

  • Creating a separate limited liability company (LLC) to handle dissolution

  • Evaluating tax strategies

  • Changing operating agreements

  • Negotiating buy-sell agreements

  • Conducting business appraisals and valuation discounts

Comprehensive Family Business Succession Planning Attorneys Serving New York And Florida

Our business succession planning attorneys understand that your relationship with your business is

constantly evolving. At each stage, the issues involved include tax planning, protecting your estate,

providing control for an able manager and providing for a comfortable retirement. Our lawyers carefully

listen to your desires, concerns, personal and professional goals. We will then present options and

measures you may consider that will keep all of these factors in mind.

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