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With the rapidly changing cyber and information privacy landscape combined with the increase in data breaches and security incidents - we recognize the need for an agile team, ready and able to respond swiftly.   Our practice group aims to assist clients, particularly those in the financial sector, when a data breach or incident occurs.  Our team is able to guide clients through their response with:

  • Legal and contractual obligations, applicable notifications and monitoring 

  • applicable state and federal laws and regulatory compliance  

  • Forensic Investigations and notifications

  • Data, systems and software preservation 

  • Coordinating with Insurance Carriers and applicable reporting

  • Public Relations (Internal & External) 

  • Crisis Management and Mitigation

Our practice group has the capability to respond to various breaches and incidents such as:

  • Ransomware & Malware

  • Spoofed & hijacked websites

  • Denial of Service Attacked (DDos and Dos)

  • Website & domain name take-downs

  • Employee errors 

  • Lost and/or mismanaged devices 


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