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Medicaid Planning

Securing Your Future With Strategic Medicaid Planning

You’ve worked hard your entire life and saved to ensure that you would have enough to live on when it

comes time to retire. But, you may not be as ready as you think. Many New York and Florida residents

don’t realize that long-term care is extremely expensive. Even a short stay in a nursing home can drain

your bank account. This means that many people must rely on Medicaid to help pay for nursing home


At DeAngelus Goralczyk, PLLC, we understand that planning for Medicaid is a crucial part of retirement.

Our team draws on decades of experience to help clients create a comprehensive plan to qualify for

Medicaid while still passing as many assets along as possible to the next generation.


Creating Peace Of Mind

Our attorneys understand the importance of strategic Medicaid planning. Thoroughly examining your

options can help you feel secure about what the future holds and create peace of mind. When you hire

our firm, we will assist you in crafting an individualized road map for you and your family, should you

ever need long-term care assistance.

We use our substantial understanding of Medicaid guidelines and procedures to identify solutions to

problems seniors face when applying for aid. We can help you address a variety of complex Medicaid-

related issues, including:

  • Navigating the look-back period — Everyone enrolling in Medicaid must go through what is

known as the look-back period, in which the government examines the past five years of your

fiscal activity. Any gifts or donations made within those five years will incur a penalty.

  • Short- and long-term planning — Because of several factors, it’s best to create your Medicaid

plan sooner rather than later. However, if you need immediate assistance, we will act swiftly to

file the necessary paperwork and develop a strategy to resolve pressing concerns. In some

cases, we can create an emergency plan to help minimize the cost and penalties you must pay.

  • Tailoring detailed plans that address your needs — Our firm works in a wide range of legal

areas, including estate planning. This means we can develop an all-inclusive plan that takes your

wishes into account.

The cost of health care continues to rise and so does the necessity of planning ahead. Our firm can help

you create a plan that fits with your goals and gives you peace of mind knowing you are prepared for

any unexpected challenges down the road.

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