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Estate Litigation

Obtaining Favorable Resolutions For Estate Disputes

The goal of estate planning is to prevent disputes. However, even the strongest estate plan can be

contested. At DeAngelus Goralczyk, PLLC, we provide legal guidance to families facing estate litigation.

Our extensive experience in estate matters and transactional law allows us to find creative solutions to

challenging estate disputes.

Challenging A Will

Families facing estate disputes are often in highly volatile emotional states. Our attorneys navigate these

situations by holding estate executors accountable when there is evidence of wrongdoing, or by

defending the fiduciary’s rights when he or she is challenged by a beneficiary.

If a beneficiary wishes to challenge the validity of a will, he or she must have a legitimate basis for doing

so. Grounds for contesting a will include:

Undue influence: An individual is guilty of exerting “undue influence” over a loved one when he or she

manipulates the testator into making a will or amending one to benefit the individual.

Incapacity: If a will was written when the testator was not of sound mind, the will may be declared


Fraud: Other types of fraud may render the will invalid.

Duress: If there is reason to believe that the will was created while the testator was under duress, it is

possible to bring a will contest.

Our attorneys carefully examine all available evidence to determine whether there are grounds for a will


Preserving The Value Of Estates


Because long, drawn-out disputes can significantly erode the value of an estate, we take steps to

preserve the estate by ensuring that the process of resolving the dispute is efficient. Our attorneys take

every necessary step to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

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